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  • Juara Favorit Business Plan Competition

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What is World Education Expo Indonesia?

World Education Expo Indonesia is an exhibition for high school and university students who are seeking to further their education abroad in distinguished overseas institutions. Held in four cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar and Medan), this exhibition will include a series of seminars, mini events, and practice test sessions. Over 200 universities, colleges and academic institutions will participate in this event alongside sponsors and partners. This is the largest and most universal education exhibition in Indonesia.

Latest Updates
  • Nama PRODUCT, GROUP dan SEKOLAH finalist Business Plan Competition SURABAYA:
  • 1. Dragoun
    1. Group: Mumtaz (SMA Al- Hikmah)
  • 2. Sushi
    1. Group: Sushimate (SMA Gloria 1)
  • 3. Sweet Ravioli
    1. Group: TGIES (SMA Masa Depan Cerah)
  • 4. Sego Glundung
    1. Group: S.G Works (SMA Masa Depan Cerah)
  • 5. Avocado Advocate
    1. Group: Healthy Phoenix (Singapore National Academy)
  • 6. Tooth Fairy
    1. Group: Red Beanie (SMA St. Louis 1)
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  • Harap membawa sample makanan yang dilombakan
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  • "Having joined all four of World Education Expos in 2013, we are convinced that WEE is the best platform for us as representatives of LSC London to meet high potential students in Indonesia. WEE always brings good number of high quality students who have real interest and intention to pursue their degrees abroad. We are especially impressed with the quality of the high school students that WEE invites -- most of them already have concrete plans to study abroad and are very well prepared with IELTS and supporting documents. This gives us a very good opportunity to efficiently introduce our programmes to the students as well as the teachers."
    Michelle - London School of Commerce UK

  • "I am writing to thank you for organising such an outstanding World Education Expo in October 2013. This were by far the best recruiting events that I have attended in Indonesia during the many years that I have been recruiting students from your market. In fact the combination of quality booth decoration, facilities, staff support and a continuous stream of well qualified students made the events among the best I have attended anywhere in the world. Thank you and all of your staff for putting on such a good performance !"
    Chris Bayley - The Sino-British College

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